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SINEAQUA, prenons notre avenir en mains #RSE - Sineaqua

Mar 20, 2023

SINEAQUA, let’s take charge of our future #CSR

Without a profound change in consumption, humanity is headed for ruin Depletion of natural resources, Wat...
Nos produits sont notés 100/100 sur YUKA, et nous en sommes fiers ! - Sineaqua

Apr 9, 2022

Our products are rated 100/100 on YUKA, and we are proud of it!

Why choose Yuka? Today there are several applications to analyze and inform you about the quality of care and ...
Les cosmétiques naturels en poudre, c'est mieux. - Sineaqua

Mar 15, 2022

Natural powder cosmetics are better.

More environmentally friendly, more natural and gentler than their liquid equivalents, natural powder products offe...
Pourquoi des produits sans eau ? - Sineaqua

Feb 25, 2022

Why water-free products?

Did you know ? In cosmetics, water generally refers to the main ingredient of the formula. The majority of care prod...

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