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A brand focused on nature

Inspired by the incredible wealth of nature, SINEAQUA products are anhydrous cosmetic products, with natural, synergistic formulas, fully biodegradable and generally rated 100/100 on Yuka. Our effective and sensory treatments are designed without compromising on quality and for a moment of well-being when used.
There is no question here of riding the natural cosmetics trend, and even less of greenwashing. Imposing rigor and standards much higher than those observed on the market, SINEAQUA uses up to 99% natural ingredients for its formulas, the vast majority of which come from organic farming.

For people who care

SINEAQUA is aimed at women and men involved in an ecological transition process, looking for products that are healthy for the body and respectful of the environment, both in their formulation and in their method of manufacturing and packaging.

By offering simple, accessible products focused on the essentials, we help people consume less and better and in a less polluting way. Transparent about the origin and quality of our ingredients, as well as our manufacturing processes, we refuse unbridled consumption that is harmful to the environment.

Pioneering Sustainability in Cosmetics

The SINEAQUA project is part of a global “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” approach with a zero waste, non-polluting and responsible process, for each stage of manufacturing: supply, transformation, production.

Systematically favoring local sourcing, in Provence, we also ensure that the processing of ingredients is as clean as possible. Our manufacturing process preserves water, which we use to the strict minimum and without adding polluting chemical agents. Thanks to our fully biodegradable formulas, any release during the production or use of our products has no impact on the environment.

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