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SINEAQUA, prenons notre avenir en mains #RSE - Sineaqua

SINEAQUA, let’s take charge of our future #CSR

Without a profound change in consumption, humanity is headed for ruin

  • Depletion of natural resources, Water degradation
  • Carbon footprint, Global warming
  • Chemical releases, Plastic pollution....

Your CSR commitment is your contribution to improving the world.

SINEAQUA our project for responsible consumption

  • Innovative, natural products for everyday life and totally respectful of being and nature
  • Zero-waste packaging, without plastics, recyclable or refillable.
  • With formulas concentrated in natural, water-free, resource-efficient active ingredients without chemical ingredients, perfumes or preservatives.
  • In powder or solid, easy-to-use care products, without preparation.
  • Handcrafted in Provence without any chemical ingredients. Water never denatured even in production.
  • Products rated 100% Yuka
  • An approach with 360° responsibility.
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