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Pourquoi des produits sans eau ? - Sineaqua

Why water-free products?

Did you know ?
In cosmetics, water generally refers to the main ingredient of the formula. The majority of care products on the market, shampoos, creams, shower gels etc. can be composed of up to 95% water .

To transform it into gel, cream, or emulsion, additives and thickeners are essential, but certain chemical ingredients have a very real potential for toxicity .

If water is essential to life, it represents little interest in cosmetics.

Applying a cosmetic containing water to the skin does not hydrate it more, because the skin plays its role as a barrier . Water is mainly used as a solvent agent to solubilize ingredients. In contact with chemical agents including preservatives, water is degraded.

Thus, not only does water not contain beneficial active ingredients for the skin, but the large quantities used in the manufacturing of cosmetics raise many environmental questions.

Water an essential resource to protect

According to the Water Information Center , available fresh water, the only usable resource, remains in constant quantity while the population continues to increase and the demand for water continues to increase.

Water is a precious resource essential to life; preserving it is a major global challenge.

SINEAQUA products that preserve water

With SINEAQUA ( sine aqua in Latin means without water) , we translate our commitment to preserving water and offering products that respect Being and Nature.

According to the water center, on average 39% of a French person's water consumption is for washing (sink, shower or bathtub) and 10% for laundry.

Our wish is that water, an invaluable resource, is used only when necessary. When washing, applying the product and rinsing it must not be denatured or polluted, i.e. the water must never be in contact with a chemical element either during its manufacture or its use.

This is why we have designed products free of any chemical ingredients or preservatives with a very water-efficient manufacturing process in reusable or compostable packaging.

The preservation of water is closely linked to the protection of the environment, and therefore a move towards zero waste is essential in a responsible and respectful approach to nature.

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