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Good morning,

It's a pleasure to announce today the launch of SINEAQUA as well as a welcome offer with gifts !

We remind you that our natural products for care or hygiene are anhydrous (without water), powder or solid.

On you will discover the first products available, shampoos (refills) and solid treatments (deodorant, nourishing balm, makeup remover) all rated 100% on Yuka 😊😊😊, others will follow very soon.

With SINEAQUA, we are committed to a responsible approach with manufacturing in Provence, preferred local sourcing, “zero waste”, compostable, recyclable or reusable packaging. Of course the products are not tested on animals (cruelty free).

The unique formulas, resulting from extensive research and development work, are natural, gentle and biodegradable , without chemical additives or preservatives. Our products are concentrated in active ingredients, to avoid waste and can be used without preparation, for easier use.

This project would not be the same without the many contributions and encouragement you have given us.

To thank you, we have reserved an offer for you to win free gifts, with a simple referral program. Just click on the link .

Don’t hesitate to share this good news around you 😊

Thank you again and see you soon


SINEAQUA, 6384 Rue Obsidienne, F-13510 Eguilles

Good for you, good for the planet

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