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Our artisanal cosmetic formulas are based on a deep knowledge of nature, sometimes inspired by ancient decoctions and the synergy between plants and minerals. In search of the right balance between tradition and modernity, we offer you natural treatments, without compromising on effectiveness or sensoriality.

    Natural synergies

    Inspired by the cosmetics of yesteryear, made with plants, fruits and mineral or essential oils, we select our natural ingredients carefully, studying their synergy and their combined potential. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, we can extract the benefits of these plant or mineral active ingredients while respecting our commitment to naturalness throughout the chain.

    A unique formulation

    We draw our inspiration from the active properties of wild plants, flowers, fruits and honey, seeking to combine them to extract the greatest richness. Our natural ingredients, the vast majority from organic farming, are selected for their softening, nourishing or soothing properties, according to criteria of effectiveness and biodegradability.

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